What Makes Us Different

Choosing a life insurance carrier should not be a difficult task, not with EQUOTE making things so simple. EQUOTE has been in business since 1998 and strives to provide the most complete package of low-cost life insurance products available alongside all of the services and support that you could ever hope to have. With so many great advantages to working with EQUOTE as your preferred low-cost life insurance provider, is there really any contest? EQUOTE has even recently begun to offer Long Term Care and Annuities plans so that they may better connect you to everything that you or your family could ever need.

Our Principles

Ever since EQUOTE was first founded in 1998, the company has maintained a solid vision regarding providing the finest of all products available relating to life insurance, annuity products and long term care products. EQUOTE has higher aspirations than to simply serve as a vehicle through which to search for low-cost term life insurance. Instead, EQUOTE has a goal that revolves around completely and thoroughly educating consumers and customers alike so that they may make their own informed decisions regarding life insurance and long term care, rather than being forced to make these decisions without the research and understanding necessary to do so. The people behind EQUOTE are heavily family oriented, and believe strongly in the principles behind having good life insurance as a means of keeping your family protected and ensuring their safety for many years to come. EQUOTE’s principles are rooted in the idea that life insurance is a necessary part of providing security and independence on a financial level for whatever surviving family members you may leave behind. It is already difficult to lose a loved one to an expected death, but being protected by adequate life insurance and long-term care packages can significantly ease this stress.

Who Should Work With Us

EQUOTE strives to work only with the companies that are the most financially secured, because this will allow us to offer you real protection and a true level of peace of mind. Our insurance team is the most experienced that you will find, and we strive to address any questions or issues that come up at any time. If you are someone who is looking to save money without scrimping on life insurance benefits, then EQUOTE certainly has something to offer you. EQUOTE insurance providers promise to give you all of the facts without any harmful business practices or double talk. This is because at EQUOTE, we respond and maintain the highest possible ethics of business, and are looking to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that at EQUOTE, we exist solely to provide our customers with anything and everything that they need to have their needs met, so if this is what you are looking for, then EQUOTE is the place to be.

Our Team

At EQUOTE, we understand the need to present all relevant information to our consumers relating to the insurance plans and packages that we offer. Accordingly, we have assembled a strong team of well-educated insurance providers, each with a strong background in the industry, as well as a healthy working knowledge on all subjects relating to inexpensive life insurance, annuities and long term care. The executive management team at EQUOTE was formed primarily to address any needs or issues that come up, so if you ever have a problem come up, the EQUOTE executive management team would like to hear from you!

Our Approach to Our Valued Customers

At EQUOTE, our mission is to create a very successful company based on the most important core values to us: Integrity and trust. We strive to deliver the most exceptional value that we can to our customers, while providing them with easy to understand, timely and accurate information at all times so that they will be better equipped to make informed purchasing decisions, and so that they may feel empowered when it comes to selecting their own choices and in making their own decisions. Giving the power to our customers when it comes to selecting their own insurance options results in a significant amount of savings to both money and time. Our number one goal when it comes to our valued customers is to simplify all of the processes that are involved with the loss of a loved one. When it comes to purchasing these items that are necessary parts of maintaining qualify of life, we would truly like to simplify the process to make preparing for unplanned deaths a little bit easier. EQUOTE has a commitment to excellence which prompts us to work only with insurance providers who have a rating of A or higher from A. M Best. The reason that we do this, is so that we may offer you some of the best insurance company from industry leaders all across the world. An A. M. Best Company rating report essentially represents an individual and independent opinion from a company that acts as the leading provider of all insurance and insurer ratings, focusing both on a company’s individual financial strength, and how able they are to meet the obligations that are promised to their policyholders. The A. M. Best Company is actually both the oldest and the most experienced company for rating insurance agencies. The A. M. Best Company has been reporting on insurance companies and their financial conditions for more than 100 years and continues to be a household name in excellence in this industry. The absolute best way to appraise the worthiness of a specific insurance provider to provide YOU with their life insurance programs, annuities and long term care packages is to gauge the rating provided by the A. M. Best Company and then to create your own decisions based on that information.

Our History

EQUOTE only works with insurance providers who garner A or higher ratings from the A. M. Best Company, and who are clearly financially secure. EQUOTE understands that life insurance is all about peace of mind, so at EQUOTE we strive to give you the greatest amount of peace of mind for you by drastically simplifying the purchasing process for low-cost, no medical term life insurance, annuities and long term care packages. The primary objectives that we strive for at EQUOTE are to give you all of the facts to offer you peace of mind and a chance to make your own informed decisions, and to save you money by allowing you to choose the packages which best address your needs without ever forcing you to buy more than you need or want. EQUOTE truly does exist only to serve the individual needs of every single customer, no matter what those needs are or what it takes to meet them. The executive management team at EQUOTE was formed primarily to address any needs or issues that come up, so if you ever have a problem come up, the EQUOTE executive management team would like to hear from you!