29.02.2016 | by equote

How to Protect Your Family Financially, Even After You’re Gone

Death isn’t something we like to think about. We especially don’t like to think of our own death, and what it would mean for the people who love us and rely on us to be there. As unpleasant as the topic may be, though, it’s important to know that your
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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Readily Available Online

For many people seeking life insurance, the prospect of having to get a medical exam is unpleasant. Many have anxieties concerning blood draws and other invasive tests, while other simply don’t have time in their schedule for a doctor’s visit. Fortunately for the exam averse, there are a few options
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When to Buy Life Insurance

Many people put off buying life insurance until they’re married or have children, reasoning that it’s not necessary until then. That’s a big mistake that can cost them significantly in premiums, as getting set up with a policy while you’re young can allow you to lock in premiums and avoid
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Is Long Term Care Insurance a Good Buy?

Men and women are living longer than ever, but medical and other care for seniors is increasingly expensive, creating a significant financial burden for the elderly and their families. When shopping for term life insurance rate quotes, it’s also worthwhile to check out quotes on long term care policies. Long
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Getting Life Insurance without Getting Poked & Prodded

Everyone knows that one of the biggest hassles involved with getting life insurance is the medical exam. Getting poked and prodded by a physician and the anxious wait to find out whether a pre-existing condition might bar coverage is frustrating and annoying for many consumers. Policies with no medical exam
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