Insuring Non-Working Spouses

In families where one spouse doesn’t work, many only buy life insurance for the breadwinner. This is a critical mistake, as the loss of a non-working spouse can be just as financially traumatic for a family. Finding policies through instant issue life insurance can help ensure that all families have the coverage they need.


Although non-working spouses don’t draw a paycheck, the work they do is invaluable. In most cases, the brunt of domestic work falls to the spouse that stays at home. This includes child-rearing, cleaning, cooking, and more. The support provided by a non-working spouse often makes it possible for the working spouse to put in the hours necessary to have a successful career. According to Business Insider, salary experts have pegged the value of a stay-at-home parent between $60,000 to more than $100,000 per year.

Should the stay-at-home spouse die unexpectedly, the working spouse will have to make a great many adjustments to deal with the loss of support. He or she may need to take time off to spend days with the children after the loss to provide for their emotional needs. The surviving spouse may have to find domestic help to care for the home or to help with an aged parent.

All of this requires money, making insuring non-working spouses a financially prudent decision. Instant issue term life policies can provide a quick and easy solution for families seeking hassle-free coverage for working or non-working spouses.

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