Life Insurance Makes an Affordable Investment

If your monthly bills already have you feeling under the gun, you may feel that life insurance is something you just can’t afford. However, if you skip out on life insurance, you may be leaving your family in even worse straits should the unexpected happen. Today’s life insurance policies are very affordable, and even no-medical-exam policies can be found for just a few dollars each month.

Affordable life insurance

Life insurance premiums vary based on age and health, but non-smokers in relatively good health can often get very affordable policies. Other factors will also influence your monthly premium, such as the term of the policy, any additions to the policy and the policy limit. In general, it’s a good idea to purchase a policy worth at least 10 times your annual income, to ensure your family is adequately provided for in the event of your untimely death.

All good investments require a little sacrifice, and life insurance is no different. For just the cost of dining out, you can afford to provide your family with critical financial protection should the worst happen. Also, by skipping out on restaurant food and eating healthfully at home, you may just avoid ever having to need that protection.

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