There are now a number of insurance companies operating that offer no medical exam term life insurance policies. So to make sure that you opt for coverage that is most suited to you as well as being the best value you need to make sure that you shop around in order to gain quotes and rates from several different companies.

Term life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam is proving to be highly popular with a number of people and it is easy to see why. You complete one short online form and receive your quote. If you are happy with this quote you fill out a few health related questions and in a matter of minutes you will know whether you qualify for the coverage; if you do you place your payment and once this is processed you simply print out your policy. Basically it is one of the quickest and easiest policies to get hold of so it’s no wonder so many people choose to take this coverage out.

Looking into the different rates that are available and requesting a good selection of quotes before making your decision of which coverage to take out will ensure that when you do gain your coverage you get the best price going with a policy that is tailored to best suit you. The last thing that you want to be doing is to rush into the first policy that you come across so set aside some time and figure the following out:

How long do you want to take the policy out for? Term life insurance with no medical is generally available in 5, 10, 20 or 30 year intervals. In general you would probably be paying the same amount for 5 years as you would for 10 so you may as well go for the full 10 as once the premium is determined for the policy, rates remain fixed for the duration of the policy. However, if the term expires and you wish to renew the policy, rates are liable to increase.

One way that you are able to get the most from the rates that are available for term life insurance with no medical is to pay for your policy annually. Paying annually will in fact save you up to 20% off your premium. This is only possible however if you can afford to do so, which a lot of us can’t. If paying monthly is your only option then you need to ensure that the coverage you take out is low in cost but high in protection, the best way to achieve this is to get a policy that, if the worst were to happen, would match your wages, leaving your loved ones financially safe.

So think about how much you earn in a year and how much you get paid monthly. You need to gain rates that reflect the amount of money you are paid but you need to do this in a way that covers several years. So multiply the amount that you earn by the length of cover you are taking out and you will start to gain some sort of idea of the amount of money you need your insurance to pay out if the worst were to happen.

When you have a rough idea of the amount of coverage you need you will be able to get quotes that fit this as well as quotes that ensure your premium is most suited to the length of time you need your coverage for. Remember there are a number of insurance companies that offer you term life insurance with no medical so don’t let your choice be limited. Look into the rates on offer from a wide selection of companies and request quotes from each of them; only when you are completely happy with your choice should you pursue a policy.

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