Need Life Insurance but don’t want a medical?

If you are answering the above question with a yes you are not alone, in fact more and more people are looking into ways that they can obtain the coverage that they need from insurance without having to undergo a physical exam. If you do indeed fall into this category then have you thought about applying for a no medical insurance policy?

Opportunities for gaining insurance policies that don’t require health exams have become a lot more plentiful. The main reason that people are taking advantage of no medical life insurance policies is down to the fact that people either don’t have time or don’t want to undergo a physical examination. In order to make things a lot easier all you have to do is fill in a simple online application form. So if it’s possible to gain life insurance without an examination, why do some companies and policies insist that you have one?

The reason as to why it is preferred if you have a physical examination when gaining life insurance is down to the fact that the insurance company wants to know if you have any health conditions that could shorten your life and increase the risk to the company who is supplying you with your policy. As you don’t have this done with a no medical life insurance policy you will be paying a higher premium.

During a physical examination samples of blood and urine are collected. The insurance company will then have these tested for the presence of antibodies or antigens to the HIV virus, cholesterol and related lipids; liver or kidney disorder, diabetes, antibodies to hepatitis, prostate specific antigen (PSA) and immune disorders. Due to the fact that none of these things are carried out when it comes to a no medical life insurance policy the premium you will be paying for a no medical policy will be higher than any other type of ploicies as the insurance company won’t know if you have any underlying illnesses by you simply filling in a questionnaire, so what exactly does the questionnaire reveal to an insurance company?

The questionnaire that you fill in as your application for a no medical life insurance premium will be the deciding factor of whether you are granted the insurance plan. It ensures that you aren’t suffering serious life threatening illness such as cancer or HIV. By filling in the application form you will also be stating issues such as weight and your lifestyle, which will be used to calculate how much a no medical life insurance policy will cost you.

The people who generally benefit from no medical life insurance are young and healthy who have had no previous problems but if your lifestyle isn’t great or you are overweight or a smoker then you may find that you benefit more from an insurance premium that does involve a physical examination.

The best thing that you can do when it comes to choosing your policy is trial and error. Investigate into what is on offer to you and then apply the benefits to your life; this is the best way to determine whether a no medical life insurance policy is right for you.