Life Insurance: A Lifelong Need

No matter what your age, life insurance is an important investment.

For children, life insurance plays an important role in safeguarding the financial security of the family should the unexpected happen. For young adults, life insurance can be the bedrock of financial stability, and adults in their 20s can get great deals by purchasing young. The average annual cost of insurance for someone in their 20s is just $330.

As we get older, life insurance becomes increasingly important as our responsibilities and obligations grow. A solid life insurance policy can ensure that the mortgage and kids’ college education is paid for should you or your partner die unexpectedly.

In our late middle-age and elder years, obtaining insurance can be more expensive, but it remains a worthwhile investment in order to leave behind a legacy for children or grandchildren, and to ensure our partners are taken care of should we predecease them.

life insurance at every stage of life

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