What’s one of the most off putting aspects when it comes to gaining a life insurance policy? If you ask this question to a range of people I can guarantee that the biggest reply you will get is having a medical exam, that’s why no medical life insurance is so popular.

There are a number of reasons as to why people don’t want to have to undergo a medical exam when it comes to taking out a life insurance policy. Some of these reasons include not having time to book an appointment with GP and some people simply can’t get the time off; whereas others don’t want the invasion of privacy and others simply want insurance cover straight away without any hassle. Whatever the reason is; thankfully for you there is now the option of applying for term life insurance in a way that doesn’t involve having a physical exam undertaken.

Term life insurance is just one of the many forms of life insurance that is open to you; it is however one of the most easily accessible, cheapest and most popular available and now you can apply for it without having to undergo a medical. Instead of having a physical you simply answer a series of health related questions to see if you can be accepted. So with this in mind just who can actually apply for term life insurance with no medical exam?

The main people who are eligible for this type of insurance are people who are young and basically in perfect health. Anyone who is young and in good health can apply for this, whether you are eligible however is decided based on your answers to a series of questions. If you have current health problems then you probably won’t be accepted for this coverage as insurance companies will want to investigate further through the help of a medical exam. The one thing that you do need to make sure of however is that you answer the questions honestly. If you do lie in your answers then you jeopardise your policy thus making it void.

Gaining coverage that doesn’t require a medical is quick and easy. Even if you smoke, are classed as overweight or you are on medication you can still apply as you still stand a chance of being accepted. However if you do currently have health problems then chances are you could end up paying a high price for your coverage so in situations such as this you may want to consider taking on an insurance policy that does involve a medical as the price you pay may be a lot lower.

A term life insurance policy that doesn’t involve a physical exam is perfect for people who need coverage fast. It is ideal for young individuals or couples who are starting a family as it is one of the more affordable options when it comes to life insurance.

Even if you think being accepted for term life insurance with no medical exam is a long shot; it is worth applying as the worst that could happen is simply being told your application hasn’t been successful. Remember, keep your options open in order to gain the policy that is best for you.