If you are looking for a quick, simple and affordable life insurance then you need not look any further than term life insurance with no medical. You can apply for and gain coverage with this policy in one day and best of all you can easily complete your application online in a matter of minutes.

The fact that you don’t require a physical exam for this form of term life insurance means that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to make a doctors appointment; all you need is a spare five to ten minutes to answer a series of questions, which are based around your personal details and a brief overview of your medical history, that’s it! Once you have filled in this basic questionnaire you are free to submit your application for approval.

Generally with a term life insurance policy that doesn’t involve a physical exam most people’s applications will be approved with a slight few exceptions, which include people who are suffering serious illness such as cancer, diabetes and HIV. Also anyone who is over the age of 65 will unfortunately not be considered for this policy. Even if you have minor to moderate health problems you can still qualify for term life insurance with no medical so don’t be put off applying for it!

There are many worthwhile benefits from term life insurance with no medical, one of which I have already mentioned is the ease and simplicity of the application. Another benefit that is associated with term life insurance with no medical is you have a thirty-day period in which you are able to change your mind about the policy. If you do change your mind within this thirty day period you will receive a full refund if you have paid any money towards the policy.

With insurance policies such as term life insurance with no medical exam it is important that you read the small print. You should compare no medical policies with medical policies and I guarantee you will begin to notice some differences. For example in some cases of this policy you will only receive a pay out that is a fraction of what would be considered if you had a policy that has more cover, such as the cover provided by a whole life insurance policy with a physical exam.

Whether or not you are granted term life insurance with no medical depends on the insurance company from which you want to purchase your policy. It is however easy to get quotes for term life insurance with no medical. You could say that getting quotes for life insurance is similar to when you are being checked for taking out a loan at a bank or other financial institute. I say this as an insurance company will want to know if you are a financial risk in the same manner that a bank would.

A term life insurance policy that doesn’t require a physical exam is something that needs to be researched into in order to see if you will benefit the most from it or if a different policy is a better option for you. So when you are making the all important decide of what policy to take out just make sure that you do your homework so you make the right decision.