What are My Options With No Medical Term Life Insurance?

What is No Medical Term Life Insurance?

Most major insurance providers and carriers traditionally require that all applicants undergo what is considered to be a routine physical before they are able to qualify for the term life insurance policies that they are applying for. The good news about these exams is that they are typically pretty brief, and in most cases are convenient and inexpensive or free. If you do happen to have any underlying medical conditions that you may not be aware of such as high cholesterol or diabetes, a physical for term life insurance applicants can help diagnose and treat the problem while you continue the term life insurance application process.

If you do not want to deal with a medical exam for your life insurance policy, or if you already recently underwent a medical exam and know that there are no health conditions that could prevent you from being accepted as a new term life insurance policy holder, you may want to consider no medical exam term life insurance. No medical term life insurance is a type of term life insurance that does not require that you undergo a physical examination, and more and more insurance providers are offering this type of insurance to people aged between 25 and 80 who do not have any terminal disease.

Options Available With No Medical Term Life Insurance

If you’re considering this type of term life insurance policy, you can generally choose it in a variety of increments, such as five years, ten years, twenty years and thirty years of length. You can also choose from a variety of different insurance carriers, as most term life insurance providers offer no medical term life insurance. There are a lot of well-respected service providers that are approved by the BBB or Better Business Bureau, and these term life insurance providers offer powerful tools and exceptional customer service. Many highly reputable term life insurance companies can be found on line by simply typing in the phrase you are looking for in the search engine search box. For example, “no medical term life insurance.”

Rather than having to take a term life insurance medical exam, you will be asked to respond to what is known as a PHI, or a “personal history interview.” This is a basic health questionnaire that is conducted by an insurance carrier who will ask you basic information about your health history and your lifestyle. This interview should cover basic ground about your life and your health, making sure that you are healthy and in good shape. While people between the ages of 25 and 80 can qualify for this type of term life insurance, if you have a terminal illness or are living in a nursing home, many term life insurance providers will have trouble qualifying you.

This interview may be done at your convenience by filling out a form, over the phone or even online depending on the insurance company that you are working with. No medical term life insurance will make it easy for you to get the insurance that you need without having to undergo a time consuming medical exam. These Personal History Interview questionnaires are not nearly as time consuming as a traditional medical exam. Although in some cases they can be just as invasive, so be prepared for a fair amount of detailed questioning before you begin applying for your no medical term life insurance.

You should only work with the highest quality of term life insurance providers and companies. Spend some time on the Internet looking through a few term life insurance company websites and get a feel for how long have the been in business, do they provide you with information that you are seeking and is there a toll free phone number to call. You may also want to talk to friends and family for recommendations on term life insurance companies that they currently have their policies with.