Getting Life Insurance without Getting Poked & Prodded

Everyone knows that one of the biggest hassles involved with getting life insurance is the medical exam. Getting poked and prodded by a physician and the anxious wait to find out whether a pre-existing condition might bar coverage is frustrating and annoying for many consumers. Policies with no medical exam requirements are out there and EQUOTE can help consumers find no exam life insurance quotes.

When life insurance companies issue a policy, they’re taking a gamble on whether you’ll die before the policy expires. The premiums you pay help limit their exposure to risk, as does a vast amount of data insurers gather about mortality rates and demographics, and personal information they obtain from their insureds. When life insurance companies are considering issuing a policy to a customer, many require a medical exam to determine the health of their potential insured and compare it against demographic data to determine whether to issue the policy and how much to charge for premiums.

Some insurers have a higher appetite for risk than others and will issue no medical exam life insurance policies to customers. Instead of subjecting customers to a lengthy medical exam, insurers just ask a few questions about their health and make a determination based on the information provided. The process is quick, and many insurers can make a decision within a day.

No medical exam policies are great for people who have a phobia of doctor’s offices, don’t have time for an exam, or need a policy issued quickly as collateral for a business deal.

EQUOTE helps consumers find the best possible quotes on life insurance policies. EQUOTE works only with top-rated insurers, helping to provide consumers with the financial stability they and their families deserve.