Regardless of whether you have a mortgage, or you are in the process of purchasing a brand new home for your family, it would benefit you to take out a basic term life insurance policy rather than considering a mortgage term life insurance policy.

What’s Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Mortgage Term Life Insurance

It is important that you take the time to compare term life insurance quotes between traditional mortgage term life insurance rates and straigh t term life insurance rates . If you compare the options and the premiums, you will likely be more satisfied with what the straight term life insurance policies offer.

A mortgage term life insurance policy only has one single purpose: To pay off the balance that is due on your mortgage to the lender if you should happen to die before you are able to pay your mortgage off yourself.

Why Regular Term Life Insurance is Really a Better Option –

– Term life insurance policies are much less expensive than traditional mortgage life insurance. Straight term life insurance quotes allow for you to set the length of your policy, making it easy to match your term life insurance policy with the term of your mortgage so that both will work hand in hand so that your family can be protected.

– Cost? Someone who is middle aged and healthy can easily get a $250,000 policy or even more for $30 or less per month. It may cost a male between ages 30 and 40 $30 per month to secure this type of term life insurance, but a female could easily obtain the same term life insurance policy for only $25 dollars per month.

-Term life insurance policies may benefit you much further than simply paying your mortgage off. Mortgage life insurance policies can only pay off the amount remaining on your mortgage and nothing more. Term life insurance policies on the other hand are simply a smarter choice in general. Not only are they far less expensive, but they also offer a great deal more flexibility with your life insurance policy.

With cheap term life insurance quotes/rates , you can easily set the length of your policy, offering you a lot more flexibility than most whole life insurance policies, or mortgage insurance policies. You are able to decide where the money will go. You can state whether your mortgage will be paid off, or if your estate will go to a beneficiary. Naturally this allows you to make sure that the money does not go to a financial institution, but that it goes to your family instead. Your loved ones should use the money how they need to, handling burial expenses, medical bills, debt, and then your mortgage -as opposed to letting banks and mortgage companies get a hold on the money first.

It is estimated that more than forty percent of the population has no life insurance, let alone highly efficient term life insurance . More than 50,000,000 people do not have as much term life insurance or even whole life insurance as they need. 25 percent of all people die prematurely, and leave their families with no money to cover their bills or their mortgages. Give your family peace of mind by offering adequate enough insurance to cover these expenditures and rest assured that they will be protected upon your death.

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